Professor Malashri Lal is an academic, writer, editor and anthologist, well known for her work on women, literature and culture. Herstrong support for women’s issues has extended from grassroots to board rooms. During her decades of teaching and academic administration at the University of Delhi, she pioneered several initiatives in pedagogy for women’s studies and demonstrated the vital link between academic learning and field activity. Books and monographs explored subjects such as the Girl Child, Home, Oral narratives of women, Indian writing in English, Indian mythology among others. She held a leadership role in educational innovations at the University of Delhi on several programmes. A popular speaker and book reviewer, Malashri Lal is kept busy with international panels and literature festivals, bringing to them a deep perception of women in India. As endorsements of her vast contribution, Malashri Lal has received several awards, the latest being the prestigious Maharani Gayatri Devi Award for Women’s Excellence, 2022.Read More