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Shyamoli Series on Culture

Shyamoli Programmes supports the Humanities in bringing values, quality, and mindfulness in contemporary lives in India. Established in a heritage home in JAIPUR, Shyamoli Series on Culture carry forward the legacy of Shri Mohan and Smt Reena Mukerji, parents of Malashri Lal. Believing that holistic and value based learning can be linked to social development; this initiative reaches across disciplines and social boundaries to bring people together through workshops, book discussions, residencies and publications. It specially seeks to benefit learners from underprivileged and disadvantaged backgrounds, specially women and girls and will support educators who strive for better equity in society.

Chai and Chapters book club in Shyamoli


  • To use the pedagogy of humanities, literature, social sciences and women studies to promote intercultural understand
  • To uplift educational standards among children from deprived backgrounds
  • To serve community wellbeing through action-research, creating support systems and spreading meaningful knowledge
  • To interlink with like-minded institutions


  • Seminars and Workshops on Indian art, literature and culture
  • Field research in support of studies
  • Study Abroad & Global Immersion programmes
  • Retreats and residencies for Creative writing
  • Academic Consultancy
  • Community and Social Outreach
  • Publishing and Editing services

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The Pilkhan Tree: Poetry and Creative Series By Malashri Lal and Alka Tyagi In September 2018, we had to seek new roots in Delhi and in looking for a suitable location, we chanced upon a stately Pilkhan tree towering over an old home nestled into a quiet neighbourhood. Its leaves were like parchment inscribed with a forgotten language, its tendrils droppednervously towards the ground. It was the perfect metaphor for my transition. From the gnarled bark sprouted pinkish leaves in contrast to the brown ‘figs’. It was a speaking tree when the squirrels and birds held parlance. The Pilkhan’s mottled canopy was to shelter our new home. We were encouraged by dear friends to sanctify the abode with poetry and other creative expressions. The Pilkhan has presided over all such endeavors. Dr. Alka Tyagi who had started an initiative called “Poetry at the Monuments” around 2006, kindly saw the Pilkhan series as an extension and alternate space for the same poetry group and began curating the informal gatherings called “The Pilkhan Tree.”
1. 4 February 2019. The series was inaugurated with poetry readings by 20 writers. Guidelines were simple: “We would request all compassionate listeners and writers to read something which is close to their heart.”

2. 22 March, 2019. Interpreting Dreams: Workshop by Madhu Tandan, author and dream analyst. “Dreams can be understood by locating its metaphor and then making a bridge to the waking life.”
3. 27 August 2019. A thanksgiving in a variety of voices.
4. 31 Dec 2020. On line meeting in pandemic times “to say goodbye to this very strange year in human history.”
5. 14 May 2021. On line session in dark times on Covid induced isolation
6. 4 Sept 2021 Remembrance, “an evening of shared moments, under the tree of life that embraces us all”.

7. 21 April 2022, Together in shared space, “an open heart and open house invites this small gathering of poets”

8. 11 January 2023, Welcoming the New Year and celebrating new books and assignments.